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Rocky and Mayur have ventured out to explore food from all parts of India and curate videos on Askme.com I’m contributing my part by relishing my favorite dishes at B Merwan

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Mumbai with it’s richness in diversity makes this place an ocean for food which comes through myriad cultures and traditions.One such place out of the history book is B Merwan.

What started out in 1914 as an elegant looking bakery for bun-maska and chai mawa cakes and lot more :). I was very disappointed when it had downed the shutters but I am happy that this place is back now 🙂 The show must go on.

Located right close to Grant Road Station, this place has all kinds of folks visiting it from Old men, college students and foreigners as well and a lot more.You walk into this place and everything feels different. The people, the friendly staff and their trademark Irani- Parsi breakfast and bakes all turn out to be a good place to visit.

This place is big, you enter on your left you will find the counter and the place where their special mawa cakes are made. The left side will be the kitchen and their simple seating along with a family area up ahead. Morning is the best time to visit this place as even in the early hours it is crowded and their cupcakes come straight in fresh that time.We were greeted by the store owner.

The first thing that i noticed here is Customer Loyalty! Wow! The customers’ loyalty can clearly be seen in the way they interact with not just owners but also the workers at the restaurant.

The waiter mentioned what all was there at the moment. We ordered a lot to eat. Right from their trademark bun maska and chai to their mawa cakes to awesome coffee and chai along with masala omelettes.

We also went for their bun jam and cheese. A pretty unusual combo but it just keeps getting better. I also went for the caramel custard for dessert.In a good 20 – 25 minutes wait we did receive our orders one by one. In the meantime we spent time admiring the beauty around the place capturing pictures all over the place. Time for the food:

1. Bun – maska and the Bun jam and cheese:
Two simple things to do. Their bun was the best thing they ever had along with butter. Soaks in real real good. The bun with jam and a slab of cheese was just brilliant. Their jam was simple and neat and the slab of homegrown cheese melted in your mouth with a burst for sure.

2. The masala omelette:
This really feels home made. Not over fried and not less oily, it sums up to a good spice that makes an omelette a thing to really go for. One of the best i’ve had in any local place for sure.

3. Their Coffee/Chai:
Aah! Just the way the locals love it with a go with the bun maska!

4. Caramel Custard:
I did not like it very much, the egg inside the custard wasn’t nice and felt a bit under cooked! The only thing that left me a bit disappointed.

5. Mawa Cupcakes 😀 (Best part of em all)
What everyone loves in merwan is their mawa cupcakes! I do not know how many are made everyday. It was fresh and very soft and definitely milky. A perfect cupcake and you will not get anything better than this. Our meal for 4 was just close to 500-550 with the extra cupcakes we took home.

Overall,Staff: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Taste: 4.5/5

My final verdict: It is a must try for a lot of people who have not been here. There is a lot to offer over here and it is one of the best places to try to go for a taste of Mumbai life 🙂

Bon appetit people 🙂

The famous bun maska :)
The famous bun maska 🙂
Trademark mawa cakes *_*
Trademark mawa cakes *_*
Bun, Jam and Cheese :D
Bun, Jam and Cheese 😀

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    Great review!

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    1. Thankyou Pragya 😀


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