Walk to Wok Express :D

Wok Express

” The past of eat is ate

And the future of ate is weight ” — The fortune cookie

What an interesting fortune to find when you break into a fortune cookie! The Wok concept has been improving and spreading its tastes all around Mumbai diners in the past few years. Quick, filling and tasty with the feeling of having it in the packaged wok box keeping all the heat and flavors packed inside and the advantage for a person to eat it while woking! πŸ˜› Perfect for a quick on the go meal πŸ™‚

We were invited over for dinner at Wok Express in Bandra. This place is easy to locate, just besides 5 spice and very close to jantas! New to Bandra, do not worry, there is no map yet for the place, but who doesn’t know jantas and pali naka? :P. So keeping my stomach empty after a tiring day at work I head down to bandra to meet the GobbleGangers team of Arun, Jay bacchi, Assad, Karan, Shravanika, Mrugank and the birthday girl Zeel along with my fellow bloggers Swarali and Rahul and my close friends Tanvi and Suyog πŸ˜€ But will this be the wok to remember?

Starting off with the place which is big compared to all the other places serving the similar type of cuisine around, normal tables and tables with those bar stools with a maximum capacity for 30 people, the place by itself, clean and well lit along with that big black and red logo on their cement wall. Neat πŸ˜‰

We started off with a lot of lot of drinks . You got the boba i.e the bubble tea having those tapioca balls in it which was a first for me along with two new fancy things to drink. Well nothing really exceptional, but a first to try for sure.



The best of em all! Tasted the best, cold and sweet with the right balance. Everyone’s favorite for sure.


At first, I found it quite average, a dash of guava in it and watery. But the second serving was better than the first having a lot more of guava in it.


Strawberries are one of my most preferred drink to have, with a balance of this sweet and sour combo set right and the combination to put it all in tea was good πŸ™‚


The last one on the list with no lemon at all which was just way to mild! Plus being watery was a disappointment. I would recommend it to be a tad strong to get that lemony feel in.

French Vanilla Ice Coffee:

Somewhat similar to a normal cold coffee that you get over at any coffee shop. Not in my liking either as it was bitter with the dominance of coffee over the vanilla.

Thai Iced Tea a.k.a The Thai Chai:

Yes, we did rename this as the ‘Thai Chai’ epically for its chai like color in it. To keep that thai effect, they had to add in the coconut. Not really my favorite. Innovative yes, but not really great taste wise.


After our round of drinks ended, we were served with these bamboo steamers with vegetarian and non vegetarian dumpling specials.

1. Crystal Dumpling:

You have the carrot, mushroom and zucchini filling inside to add in this transparent crunchy munchy!


2. Edamame & Truffle Dumpling:

When you lift the lid, you get this green flowery looking dumpling! Looks colorful and tempting at ones. It was a mix of mashed boiled edamame beans and a hint of truffle oil with carrot on the top!


All the flavors just melt in your mouth and it was my favorite dumpling of em all πŸ™‚

3. Chicken Coriander:


A good big fat piece of chicken dumpling πŸ˜› Kinda like a big fat modak xD Tasty chicken stuffed inside with coriander with a bust of two flavors this one was my favorite.

4. Prawns Hargau:


I really expected a lot from the prawn dumpling, but was disappointed. Chopped prawns covered in the white coating was not in my liking. Could have been better if you mixed those sauces.

Now after we were satisfied with the starters, we had to make the wok to get the wok! So its just a simple Do it Yourself Wok where you can select from the size of your box to what you would like in your box! The concept is as simple as making a sub!

First, you got to choose your base! ‘Because its all about the base bout the base no trouble :P’ You get to choose from steamy hot rice , UDON (ME HU DON) the Japanese noodles , Flat Wheat noodles and everyone favorite the ramen!

The second one is what you want with it, chicken, fish or prawns for the non veggies and top them up with your favorite veggies! There is a lot of veggies to offer for picky customers πŸ˜‰

Then is the saaaaaaaaaaaaaauce! What actually kicks in to the dish to make your wok kick in with its delicious flavors! You can have your sauces nice and had that spice or the ones that keep it plain and simple. Kung pao, Teriyaki and chilly basil were the ones catching my eye!

To finish them all, you got to top it up with your favorite condiments. You can decide to put in your favorite fried onions to the flavorsome burnt garlic or spice it up with chilly flakes.

I decided not to experiment much and to go for the Chicken Ramen noodles with all the veggies in (less of tomatoes) with Chilli Basil sauce and burnt garlic and fried onions for the first and Kung Pao with the same stuff on and peanuts!

1. Chilly Basil Ramen:

Really really spicy one out on the box! The flavors of the chilly sauce and spicy basil along with soya sauce to give it that devilish looks to the ramen! Adding veggies into it does help in getting more flavor into the wok and topping them up with the lovely intense flavor of burnt garlic was bliss.


Took a lot of time to finish this cause it way damn spicy. I did have to gulp down 3 glasses of water to calm me down!

2. Kung Pao Ramen:

After my trip and tastes with Chinese cuisines, Kung Pao has been my thing to have! So everyone go Kung Pao Fighting .. Uhh Haan πŸ˜› *Dramatic movie songs* Often transcribed as Gong bao this was the one I wanted to order and this surely did not disappoint me πŸ™‚


It was spicy , very garlicky and definitely lip smacking Yummy! All the flavors just boiling inside the wok was awesome and the chicken pieces hidden inside did a great job πŸ™‚ Cause Kung Pao chicken is bliss *_* Adding peanuts gave it the crunchy feel to it!

P.S Do not forget to open that fortune cookie after your meal πŸ˜›


That was basically it, trying out a few servings from the people who had ordered different things and yes crying because it got too emotional πŸ˜›


Place: 3.5/5

Located Well and well spaced and a nice seating arrangement!

Ambiance: 3/5

Well lit and lively.

Food: 3.5/5

Few new innovations both good and bad, can do a lot better.

Value For Money: 3.5/5

Decently priced for the woks they serve.

Second Visit: Maybe!

Considering that there are a lot of places serving up with the same concept, this is really a good place and if you are located in Bandra and you had to choose between wok in the box and this it would be hard. Putting in all the Boba Ice Teas and heavy works this one could be a place I would want to visit again

The Verdict:

Another place trying to get it mark in Mumbai with its wide range of Wok’s offered to people! Kung Pao to Sambal and getting to try chai in thai! This was a new experience to taste in something really lot which I do not like, the dumplings which were my first over here and the boba ice Tea! With your friends along and the convince to carry the wok wherever you need to go, you will have a fun and may have a WOK TO REMEMBEERR!

Yes, we even cut a cake to celebrate Zeel’s birthday! Happy Birthday Zeel πŸ˜€


Written By Amrith πŸ™‚

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