Way To Go, On The Go Veg Lounge….

Before I commence, I would like to inform you that this was my very first food-tasting invite as a food blogger and for that firstly I would like to thank my friends, who are also my blog partner, Amrith Padmanand. Secondly, I would like to thank the owner of On The Go Veg Lounge, Mr. Dipen for inviting us for the food-tasting session.

As I mentioned above, this was my first food-tasting event so I was a little nervous when I met Arun Soneji and Zeel Shah because they were pretty experienced when it came to reviewing restaurants and I was just a newbie. So when they were confabulating with Mr. Dipen, I was just nodding my head and waiting for Amrith to arrive. (I’ll admit that it was a little awkward for me in the beginning.)
Wait, why am I boring you with these details? Some of you might have found that funny and some of you might have found that annoying, so let’s get to business.

So OTG is owned by Mr. Dipen and it is located in Borivali. They are featured on Zomato’s “Healthy Eating” and “Perfect Pav Bhaji” categories. They offer a variety of cuisines which is always a good thing and it brings smile on a foodies face. So if you’re craving for some Chinese food and if you’re girlfriend is craving for some Mexican food and if her annoying friend (whom you don’t want to bring along but you have to because she is your girlfriend’s bffffffff) is craving for some North Indian food, then I’d recommend this place for you. I cannot exaggerate how much I love restaurants which serve multiple cuisines!

The ambiance was very decent. Not too flashy, not too dull. It was perfect. The lightings will surely catch your eyes. Another thing which you might notice is the pulley shelf thingy. I don’t know exactly what it’s there for but you’ll certainly notice that.

Let’s talk about the fooooooooddddddddddd! The menu was detailed and the prices were also pretty decent. The soup, salad and starters sections were all well detailed and everything on it looked very tempting. The other part of the menu contained sections of Continental, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Thai and last but not the least, Indian. They had a different section on the menu for Pav Bhaji. (One does not simply get tagged on Zomato’s Perfect Pav Bhaji category!) The menu also contained a section of sizzlers, sandwich, mocktails, milkshakes and smoothies, and dessert. So basically you’ll be spoiled for choices.

Food –

Hummus & Pita Bread:
The hummus contained a few chickpeas, garlic, sesame seeds along with a small amount of chili flakes strewed over it with olive oil present on the circumference, which made it look very presentable.


The pita bread was cut in semi circles covered with olive oil. Again, it was a delight to the eyes. I’ll be very honest with you. It was one of the best hummus I’ve ever had!

Pita Bread

Lasagna but not actually lasagna. Beans along with cheese, assorted peppers and tomato sauce gave the dish a very spicy flavor which was perfect because Mexican food is supposed to be spicy, amigo.


Spiced Potato Cakes:
I don’t know under which category this dish falls into but I was expecting the same old mashed potatoes. I was taken by surprise because it wasn’t anything like the regular mashed potatoes you eat. Cheese and parsley along with some chili flakes gave this dish a very unique taste.

spiced potato cakes

Exotic Pizza:
I’m just going to come out straight. I’m a sucker for pizza and if I don’t like the pizza that I’ve ordered then my entire mood just gets killed. But that wasn’t the case over here. A perfect 9 inches, thin crust pizza fully covered with cheese, capsicum, olives, bell peppers and corn just made my day. One of my favorite dishes from that night.

exotic pizza

The Mini Meal:
Again, I don’t know under which category this dish falls under but this was really good. It consisted of caramelized rice, hummus salad, mashed potatoes and hummus on the side with chili flakes strewed over it. It was tasty and healthy.

mini meal

Pav Bhaji Platter II:
I highly recommend this dish. I love it when a restaurant comes up with their own creations and this was an example of that. The platter consisted of 3 bhaji’s namely the Chinese bhaji, the Manchurian bhaji and the Pizza bhaji.
The Chinese bhaji as the name suggests consisted of noodles and a lot of veggies perfectly combined with the bhaji. It was a little spicy but it was amazing.

pav bhaji platter

The Manchurian bhaji was a little different. I was a little disappointed by it. I usually like the Manchurian gravy but a fusion of Manchurian gravy and Pav Bhaji didn’t go that well for me as I had hoped for.
The Pizza bhaji! Should I say anything more about it? Two of my favorite dishes unified to make one epic dish! It was my favorite bhaji out of the three and it was a-mah-zing! Loads of cheese with amazingly cooked pizza veggies made my day. This dish is a must try.

Broccoli Salad:
I’m not fond of broccoli but I thought I’ll give this a try. Broccoli with assorted peppers covered in a vinegar dressing was just too good. I’ve never had a salad this good!

broccoli salad

Green Thai Curry & Rice:
Served with exotic rice and coconut gravy with Thai spices added on top, this dish was the one which really played with my mind. Not a fan of coconut dishes but the Thai spices totally make this dish worth trying. You get a spicy-minty taste but the coconut milk will make its presence known in the dish.

green thai curry and rice

Ravioli Spaghetti:
This was my favorite dish out of everything we had that night. Typical Italian dish with lots of cheese and garlic cooked in Olive oil and chili flakes on top. So simple and so amazing!

ravioli spaghetti

Mexican Rice:
The rice is orange in color with corn, peppers, capsicum, beans and basil forming the major ingredients of the dish. Tortilla chips placed on the corners and grated cheese on the top makes this dish look magnificent.

mexican rice

Oriental Pot Rice:
Slightly better than the pot rice you get at 5 Spice. The only thing which was missing from it was chicken. Literally, I took a bite and I looked at Amrith and we said “chicken” at the same time. But since OTG serves only pure vegetarian food, chicken was not an option. But if a vegetarian dish can make a meat lover like me go “Oh, this is so good!”, then you can probably understand how amazing that dish really is! *wink*

oriental pot rice

Thai Sizzler:
Stir fry noodles, various types of veggies, cottage cheese, broccoli all fused in one epic sizzler topped with those cute smiley French fries was a delight to look at. Accept it, whenever you see a sizzler pass by in a restaurant you turn around to look at it, right? We’ve all done that. But this sizzler was so good that you’re going to turn around to visit this restaurant again for the same sizzler.

thai sizzler

Mocktails –


We ordered the mocktails after we were done with the food because ordering drinks before the main course is too mainstream. *Thug Life*

Iced Vanilla Latte:
Your regular cold coffee with a vanilla ice-cream added on top. You could also taste cinnamon at regular intervals which was nice.

Rainbow Sangria:
Strawberry along with orange, apple and kiwi with a dash of lime is as good as it gets. I’ve tried Rainbow Sangria before but this one was 10 times better than the others.

Watermelon Mojito:
Watermelon blended with lime soda with minty leaves added was a crazy combination. I would highly recommend this drink. I absolutely loved this mocktail.

Kiwi Watermelon Island:
A mixture of kiwi, watermelon, litchi in a soda was a bit odd. I wanted it to be good but to be honest; I didn’t like it that much. The minty taste was too strong which overpowered the flavor of the fruits.

Guava Pineapple Sipper:
I really liked this drink. Guava and pineapple mixed with lime juice and Sprite was really refreshing.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to try out the desserts. But from what’s worth, this new experience was wonderful. This place is too good. I’d never leave this place if they served non-vegetarian food. It goes without saying that this place is one of the best places for vegetarian food.

Rahul Mishra.

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