Must Visit: D’crepes Cafe

Café’s have certainly created a huge impact when it comes to its amazing coffees, cold shakes and their piping hot plain and simple food. Always a good place to chill out when you need to have a light college budget and friends along.

D’crepes is one such café that definitely lives up to its mark! Nice, neat and simple and provides you the best food that you can ever have at any café! With this being on my wish list since a long time and after several attempts to reach the other end to thane, my wish did come true to reach thane to give it a try. For every thanewala, this is one of the most visited café’s. and finally I got to be there with my friends and my zoman brother Suyog.

We went there on a Saturday evening and as I feared it was crowded. The seating at D’crepes is simple, you got a few messed up seating arrangements for the smokers outside, it covered below the building so no fear of rain hitting you, and inside you have this well lit café with an A/C section. We wanted to have a seat inside so we were given a waiting for about 15 minutes which is acceptable considering the busy Saturday evening and the day being Independence day! The staff was friendly enough to keep us in mind and kept updating us on our waiting time. With 10 minutes passing by in a jiffy we finally got a seat for 3 inside.

As you enter you will see the counter along with their display of cakes, pastries and puffs with the kitchen in the background. Looked fairly clean and well managed. The menu was simple and had that eye catchy kiddish cute makeover with coffees pastries and tea cups. The items provided inside were plenty with a lot of options ranging from their exclusive crepes, scrambled eggs, pastas, burgers, pizzaz and desserts and a lot more! That is a lot to offer for a café which is impressive. After a quick glance we decided to go for their custom pasta, the Bbq chicken burger and the dessert that I was dying to have the Austrian Mudpie.


The waiting was worth it considering our long talks and their good music which kept a good beat around the place and finally our order arrived.

Bbq Chicken Burger with Nachos and Coleslaw:

Burgers have always been my thing to dig in anyplace I go. I had a crepe in mind before the burger, but Suyog recommended me to try this over the crepe and I sure was not disappointed. The presentation was quite neat and simple, The black tray with your decently sized burger looked beautiful from the out and few nachos filled with yellow drooling cheese and a few veggies and just a spoonful of coleslaw which was a first to me and a ketchup sachet.


The burger was seriously tempting and that smell of the barbeque chicken made me drool the moment it arrived on the table. The burger was well sized, the buns were incredibly light and soft with sesame seeds on the top. Hidden inside was that smoky barbeque chicken with ice burg lettuce onions and a huge piece of chicken with that smoky barbeque sauce. And hell yeah it was tempting, the succulent chicken being the hero and delightful along with the barbeque touch to it was mouth watering indeed. Inside, the barbeque chicken was well made, soft and tender and would easily love licking your fingers to the very end. Now that’s an amazing burger to droll on


The sides along, the nachos and the coleslaw had a different touch to it. The nachos were nice cheesy and crunchy, would have any day preferred good fries along with it rather than nachos. The coleslaw on the other end was not needed but it was tasty and well made.

Overall, the burger along being the standout cutting the rest in pieces. Seriously recommended as this is a must try next time you come here.

The Pasta:

D’crepes allows you to create your pasta with your choice. That’s something you need 😀 A simple 4 step procedure and I must tell you it’s a steal for just 290 bucks.

So the first step is to choose the raasta to your pasta! You can pick one from 3 options that they have. You got fusilli, penne and spaghetti. Next you got to choose the saaauce. 4 options and yes that is a lot. You got the famous pesto cream and the herb cream, the spicy Portuguese and the tomato mornay basil sauce.

Step 3 is to choose your veggies, you can top it up with 3 choices to your liking. You got a lot of veggies to choose from again ranging from olives, bell pepper, spinach, onions and a lot more. After this is done comes the best part! Step 4 is a dream paradise for non vegetarians as you got the option to have a meaty affair with your pasta! You can make it meaty with their grilled chicken, ham and salami.

Our custom pasta turned to be a penne pasta with spicy Portuguese sauce topped with grilled chicken and onions, bell pepper and mushrooms for the veggies.


The happiness that you get when you get to be choosy and make your pasta with whatever you want is super because you know you get only what you want in it. From Make your own Wok to Make your own Pasta, having something that you particularly want is a steal. If you are really unsure on what you want their cordial staff is always there to help you with it. 

The pasta was presented clean and simple. The orangish red gravy along with their penne was filling right from the out. Dig in inside you will find the grilled chicken pieces and your veggies. Not a pasta lover in certain but this one was tasty for sure.

The pasta was slightly tangy and mildly spiced due to their spicy Portuguese sauce with the right amount of gravy inside which made it all the more better. The veggies and the chicken pieces were well balanced and the chicken in it was tasty too. Along with their gravy, pasta and the chicken was a good combo to go for  All thanks to my friend Deepa for a perfect selection of pasta! Certainly filling and will make your tummy want more.

After a heavy filling start with their mouth watering burger and amazing pasta we wanted to end it all with their divine, lip smacking, mouth watering AUSTRIAN MUD PIEEE!

The Austrian Mud Pie:

Man O Man! That beauty it had in it that single piece of pie was divine *_* That dark shiny and glazy muddy thick chocolate with their soft cake base . the base of the pie for strong and tasty. That thin layer of the cake along with that muddy chocolate was way too goood! Gooey yummy mud pie for sure! It was not long that this dessert took to get into our stomach!


One of the best mudpies I have had for sure, loved that muddy chocolate which was the standout with their soft cake base and pie being their perfect partners in crime.


Ambiance: 4/5
Neat and Simple, well lit and spacious.

Staff: 5/5

Friendly and cordial and have a good idea on what you need and will respond to you in a jiffy 

Food: 5/5
Tasty and well done. For a café this place certainly lives up to its mark

Value For Money: 4/5
For 600 rupees matching our meal for 3, 200 bucks per head for 3 items on their menu is a steal.

Second Visit:
Hell Yeah! I have a lot to try out here and it is definitely worth the travel all the way for their amazing food 


D’crepes surely has created its mark in having the best food found in any café I have visited. With their price ranges pretty decent for the stuff their offer it becomes the place to go if you need to hangout and have a good time to spend along with your friends.

My experience at D’crepes was a happy one and I’m sure ill be coming here a lot to try their extensive and tasty menu!

One request to the management if you’ll could open one somewhere in the western line 😛 I would be their happiest person ever 😀

Loved the place and loved the food and desserts! Coming there to try a lot more for sure and I would recommend a lot of people to give this place a try cause it’s worth all the travel if you are staying somewhere far away 😛

Bon – Appetite!

Amrith Padmanand

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