The Japanese hero – Shiro

Mumbai always brings to you from the best from each and every cuisine that the world has to offer. Right from lovely Italian to tex – mex, your droooling ever loving American fast food and even the best Burmese food and a lot more to find in the boiling pot in Mumbai’s huge kitchen!


Shiro is one such place that beats them all by offering you the best japanese food available for an Indian palette and also way better than Sinchans Dog 😛 ! Authentic, Classy and Brilliantly done is perfect introduction

This place is on my wish-list ever since mumbaifoodie posted this on snapchat and I went holy fudge *_* I need to be here and one fine day the stars aligned and I got a mail from Kai, the community head of zomato to set up a scintillating food from the pan Asiatic belts with a surprise foodie experience at Shiro 😀 Our road to shiro hit an unpleasant start because of unpleasant rains and even the rain gods could not be our heroes that day. 😦

With that week done and dusted, the Zomato Meetup was again rescheduled to next Tuesday and this time everything worked out fine. Excitement high as any drug on me, I could not wait for that evening to pass by and finally we were there. This place is just near the bombay dyeing compound and just behind Hard Rock Cafe.

So when you enter through the first door, I was just engrossed on my phone trying to check in, 2 people greeted me at the door and when they opened this huge stand alone door, I just left every single thing and gazed at what turned out to be the best design ever made for a restaurant! I was so awestruck by this beauty, those ancient Japanese looks, those tall buddha statues and the water falling off the pot was majestic!

The bar on the left, the music in the background and that roof along with that dim yellow lighting was just beautiful! And Kai, hats off for booking that wonderful seating arrangement you set us up at.


When I climbed that staircase, walking past a mesmerizing statue with that white lot just gleaming in glory on top and to that waterfall. Brilliant *_*


It’s just that aura, that particular ambiance you get when you enter this place gives you that level of sanctification, it was love at first sight for me.


And so the day started off with a bang when he had a surprise live Dimsum Making session by their sous chef partner Sameer and his DImsum Expert. The table was set well so that we could all get a sneak peak on the art of dimsum ( Well better than the art of living 😛 ) and the best part is we were lucky because this was the last day for the Shiro Dimsum Festival.:D


We were then given a small tour on the different wraps that were used along with a few basic fillings in veg and non veg. The perfection in that chefs hand was commendable, brilliantly done and no flaws at all. Its like he is been making them all his life :O


A few of us got a chance to make their own dimsum but all I managed was a small ganpati modak xD screw me for that, well trail and error and I got my dimsum standing too. A proud moment and a great learning experience.


Till the time we were waiting for the dim sums to make and fill our tummy sums, we were offered with a choice of few drinks, Ice Tea, Fresh Lime Soda or Coke.

The Peach Lime Soda:


Chilled Peach as sexy as a girl in Miami Beach 😛 😐 Simple Peach Ice Team with ice and a slice of lime inside. The taste of the Ice Tea was perfect, nothing overpowering and the balance of sweet and sour set perfectly. A good peach tea to start with 🙂

Fountain Lime Soda:


A Sweet and simple lime soda just the way I like it 😀 Always been a favorite when all the other things come expensive on the menu xD 😛

Well, with my bad experience for dimsums at Wok Express, the ones at Shiros were a die for! Steamy and Piping hot dimsums in their bamboo steamers just getting locked and loaded to enter our hungry tummy.


We got a chance to try all the different types right from a plain and simple veg ones to the tasty non veg ones.


The prawn and chicken dimsum was my favorite one of the lot because it had the two of the best in one lil dismum. *nomnomnomnom* Tender and juicy and very and aint that spicy, hell yeah nicey :’)

Then came the thing that I was waiting to try the Chicken Bulgogi baos:

The Japanese Saif Ali Khan got into me and I went ‘Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaao!’ kya baotehrin cheez he yeh 😛 Apparently, when JD asked the chef where do you get the best bao’s in town, he replied saying the best baos in town are here 😀 and we were not disappointed, lovely big baozi’s served to us.


That lovely red hot filling inside , that sweet outer filling fun and that hot mix inside was a delight to have. A must try for sure.

Since most of us present were non vegeterian, we decided to go in for their non veg speacilaties presented to us.

For Starters:

Spicy Salmon Negi:

Sushi’s have been something I’ve been dying to give it a try since my trip to Tokyo 4 years ago. The sushis given to us was well presented.


That lovely white rice coating on the top stuffed with fine Norwegian salmon, spring onions and that wonderful Japanese mayo. I’m not an expert in Sushi but this one was definitely top notch! That salmon inside was soft and delightful, one of the best ever and the mayo which had a mix of vinegar had a lovely tangy feel to it. The only negative, it was not spicy as the name went but still a perfect sushi. * nomnom *

Mahtani Chicken:

From Chandini Chowk to Koreaaaa! The Mahtani Chicken was on the table for termed to be a spicy dish in Korea and turned to be a world renowned in house special.


Those pieces of lovely dry chicken mixed with onions, capsicum, red chillies to give it the spicy feel. The succulent chicken pieces along with those fiery chillies was a total delight to my taste buds. Spicy and nice is the way I like it. This Korean dish got the PSY out and made me go ….

* oop oop oppppa gangnam style*

We were even presented with Jasmine Mandarin Tea as a neutralizer/ palette cleanser.


Smelled like jasmine flower to me and the essence flown out with the hot water was pleasant. But with conversations on the tea was left ignored and it remained lying a cold death.


Fish in Spicy Laksa:

Soft and tender basa fish simmered in spicy laksa sauce. The fish was well done and tasty, a delight for sure and the gravy had a hint of coconut and tamarind in it.


The basa was a delight with the gravy, quite well executed. As a mallu, this reminded me similar to a few fish curries I have had. Not too spicy again as the name said but still a minor compared to all the other positives in this dish. The flavor was appealing and made me finish the entire dish all by myself 😀

Chicken Hot Pot with Shiitake Mushrooms:

A home made specialty dish made of shiitake mushrooms and chicken. The chicken inside the hot pot was just bubbling in the inside and the shiitake mushrooms was chewy and tasty.


The chicken and the mushroom combination was perfect, setting the right food. Breathe in the hot pot and you feel the exotic blend of their fragrant sauces. Tangy, delicious and hot.

The mains were accompanied by hibachi rice and stir fried vegetables.


The hibachi fried rice was sticky and had a good hint of burnt garlic and spring onions.


The combination with the rice and the hot pot was tasty as I was shamelessly just finishing of the fish inside 😛 The stir fried vegetables were well done and tasty.


The Coconut and Pecan Tart:

When you bring on a dessert to a table, presentation plays a very key role in it. This wonderful dessert looked so appealing and drooling the very moment it came up to the table. Coconut flavored tart with pecan nuts on top served with yummy vanilla ice cream.


That chocolate art on it was so well done, just makes me go for it. The tart was crispy and that coconut reminded me of bounty (coconut chocolate) and not too sweet, right on the spot.


The pecan nuts on the tart gave it that crunchy texture to it which was a perfect lip smacking dessert. The vanilla ice cream on the side was divine, the combination on the tart and the vanilla ice cream was just out of the world. The drooling chocolate had to be messed, as I became that shameless guy and licked it off my finger. xD

This dessert just set the perfect ending to this wonderful experience.

The Missisipi Mudpie on the other hand was a simple single standalone dish, with a classic chocolate mudpie with rich chocolate sauce.


Nothing too fancy but yet making its mark on its own. With my mind all on the coconut and pecan tart, this was the second best. The chocolate was dense and thick and not to sweet, keeping the balance just right.

The desserts set the perfect tone to a wonderful experience at Shiro, cause there is always a place in everyone’s tummy for desserts 😀

Overall Verdict:

With that wonderful ambiance and lip smacking dishes, Shiro was one such magical journey or me. One restaurant knocked out off my wishlist, and definitely worth the wait for me. Right from the minute I entered this place till the time I left it I felt that magical aura around me, well done Shiro Mumbai. More than just service, it’s the respect, rapport, ambiance that gives us the thrill to dine in such a fine place and money becomes the last thing that comes into your mind.


A big thank you to Kaiarsh for setting up a perfect #ZomatoMeetup in such a wonderful location. 🙂

My experience at Shiro was the best I have ever had 😀 I would end this with a small stupid joke:

Q. If the Chinese directors decided to remake the famous hit film baaahubali, what would they name it?

A: BaaoBali 😛 * please do not kill me for this *

Domo omeshiagarikudasai 😀

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