Munch and Brunch at BoVeDa

On a lazy Sunday, you crave a much extended sleep without the worries of an alarm clock destroying your siesta. Hungover from previous night’s partying or simply too bummed by the week’s work, cooking yourself a brunch or lunch is much the gargantuan task I tell you. Thanks be to god for Sunday brunches and their larger than life offerings 😀

Our big Sunday brunch was at bo – vay – dah! Yes, bo veda kadhi zhala hey mala mahiti nahi 😛 Boveda, simply put is a chameleon.


A chic pub to drink & dance the Saturday away and then to enjoy a Sunday with lively music and delicious food 🙂

We landed here at about 12:15 in the afternoon and with just having a peanut butter sandwich down, my gut was rumbling and raring to have a go at something big.

The crew: My fellow gobblegangers Arun, JD mera bhai and Ruteika, my blogger brother in arms Rahul and then we had Sanjay, Neha and Payal for the brunch.

The place is not hard to find. Just get into the lane opposite Infinity and take the first left. You will see a chain of restaurants like Local Passenger, Brewbot, etc. Ask anyone and you surely won’t miss Boveda.

Ambiance wise, this place looked beaauitful! The lighting was perfectly set with those yellow groovy lights. Plus, the wooden setting for the lights matched the brick walls adjacent to the bar! Boveda has both indoor and outdoor seating.


The indoor arrangement is the A/C section where you get to hear live bands play music. Quite spacious on the inside with your normal table and chairs and their huge black sofas.


The outdoor, simple and well lit too. Got those lights covered in nests, a big cooler to blow you away, a few tables and the grill section too.


The brunch menu was kept simple and easy as you like. Eggs, sausages, bacon, ham, salami fruits, pastries, pancakes, waffles and they even had milkshakes, cocktails and mocktails. Even honey loops and cornflakes and milk for the recovering hung-overs.


The brunch pricing starts from 599 for only food to 1699 for everything to food, liquor and cocktails. That’s pretty decent compared to the vast menu that they offer.

Now time for the food.

First up: Salaami degaaaaaa, Salami de?


Salami and ham were the key starters in our brunch menu. We had a piece each of the Chicken Chilly Salami, Chicken & Cheese Salami, Chicken black pepper salami and the Chicken bbq Salami.


For pork lovers they did offer Pork Garlic Salami and Pork Smoked Ham which was inviting.

My favorites were the Chicken & Cheese with the combination of cheese and chicken melting in the mouth and the spicy variant of Chicken Chilly Salami which was very tasty to have. The Pork ham and salami were a class apart!!! Must try for sure.

A few hits and misses with the make it yourself potato and pasta salad! Top it up with cheese, onions and a few sauces with no names.


Confusing but you can experiment a bit here.
The hits were definitely in the live grill section. You got prawns, fish, chicken and german sausages. We got a chance to try everything they had to offer.

My favorites:

The Peri Peri Chicken:

This was a really spicy affair and my taste buds were set on fire. It even set fireeee to the raaaaaaaain 😛


Jokes apart, the peri peri chicken was a super hit. The chicken was succulent and well cooked. It was grilled to perfection and the chicken would break like tissue 🙂 Have some and that is when you get the fiery peri peri taking effect. You’d surely gulp down 2 – 3 glasses of water if you’re giving this baby a try

German bruschetta sausage:


My second favorite, you could sniff out the smokiness of the sausage which was well marinated.


Shamelessly picked up a few and loved how soft they were. Delightful 🙂

The prawns were well done too and were a fan favorite for the non-vegetarians at the brunch.

Done with the live grill, when we were busy getting drinks. The pizzas and pastas started making their way to our table. We asked for the chicken alfredo spaghetti too but since I got in late I missed out on it. My friend rahul would describe this one better than I can for sure 

My pizza love drew me closer to the char grilled chicken pizza.


One heck of a well made pizza with a really thin crust *_* the chicken on top of it was simply the best. And worked so well with the lovely veggies added to the pizza. Definitely worth a second go and an absolute must try.

The Margherita was a favorite for the veggies!


It had those lovely oven roasted tomatoes, a tomato base and fresh basil topped over the pizza.

My eyes then went to the pulled pork burger, and I had to call for this one. The pulled pork arrived and was so appealing.


I was drooling as soon as it hit the table, kudos to Jay Dhawan , he opened the patty and found that lovely and juicy slowly cooked pork, shredded and tossed in their in-house sweet and spicy barbeque.


The patty was soft, like a normal one and the burger was built with lettuce, cheese and onions.

That was one hell of a burger. The pork was so tender and soft that it was a divine feeling and then that pork jus falling out of your burger makes it a finger licking affair. Total heaven trip. The smoky sweet and spicy barbeque sauce was well balanced and added a star to the well cooked pork. A must must try for sure.

The fries, on the other end were a disappointment. Salty and hard – a total miss. Would recommend the team to make them a lil less salty next time.

The drinks and the milkshakes:

To start off, we got to see these cute mini mason jars with different flavors.


Oreo, mango, strawberry, vanilla and banana. The oreo and mango were a group hit. We had quite a lot of these 3 sip milkshakes (they were so tiny). Everyone did go for repeats to ensure we got all the flavors. Except banana maybe.


The showstoppers among the drinks were the cocktails.

There were a lot of crazy and innovative cocktails that the bartender had to offer in the brunch. And drinking on a brunch makes it a perfect Sunday :’)

We went for the Woo Woo, Dark Bite, Whiskey Sour, Sex on the beach, Kiwi Tini, Salty bitch and a sangria.

The whiskey varieties were the best where the dark bite stood out with its old monk contents. Kinda reminded me of the Old Monk Mojito I had at Mirchi and Minme.


The brown sugar was surprising yet a good one to have.

The whiskey sour with Ballantine whiskey,


lime and sugar was also a super hit with us.

The other drinks ordered by the others:

Kiwi Tini:


Sex on the beach:


Woo Woo:


Salty bitch:




The desserts were nothing fancy. Custards, brownies, waffles and cupcakes and pancakes.



We went for the egg waffles which were soft and loved the egg base in them.


We tried them with maple syrup which was added generously on the top. We constantly kept asking for more maple syrup as it magically kept disappearing (into our bellies of course).

The chocolate waffle was pretty ordinary, waffle with chocolate syrup.


The pancakes with syrup were pretty mediocre too.


Well, the desserts in the brunch were worth a miss. And yes, this photo from my brother jay is a good one 🙂



The ambiance and the place deserves a full 5 on 5 as it was well lit, with that lively music all around you and with friends around, this is the place for a good get together.

The service, was quick and responsive and the staff would help out with anything you need. 4 on 5 for that.

Value for Money?
Since this was an invite, the food and drinks were on the house. But for what their brunch starts at with their max price, it looks like a good deal to have. With the price starting from 599 for only food to 1699 for all you want drinks and food, it looks like a perfect steal if you want to spend a lazy sunday with your friends.

Overall verdicit:

A must try place for sure, considering the lovely ambiance, lighting and music. The food and the drinks were good too and considering you can dance as well – in the night, is an addon bonus. We left boveda satisfied and a full stomach with a good ol hearty brunch.

Cheers and Bon Appetite. 🙂


Amrith 🙂

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