Top 10 places that you should visit this Valentines Day

Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. – Mark Twain

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. Love doesn’t make the world go round, Love is what makes the world go round. When you read such quotes on a food blog, one knows that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For some it is a day of love, for some a week of gifts, for some it is just love fatigue and for some singletons like me the Champion’s League 😛

This week is Chaos in all, If you are single and available you want to find a date for V-Day, if you get a date then you want to make it perfect. If you have a long-term GF/wife you need to make the day unforgettable. Well we The Hogger’s Blog are here to help, No we wont help you find girls! But we will ease your concerns regarding the rest. We bring you a list of events and places you can visit for your date. Four of our team members who are acclaimed food critics and some of us serial daters 😛 will be giving you our suggestions to help you choose your place.

I, Suyog Narvekar along with my colleagues Amrith Padmanand, Saylee Padwal and Sarthak Ghosalkar shall be listing out the places of our preference. We will look to cover most of Mumbai and Thane in our list. Along with us we also have two guest writers featuring their contributions, we welcome Aafsha Rajqotwala ( and Renu Ubale (

I will start you off with Amrith who is an expert foodie from the Western Suburbs and our in house selfie stick. I’ll let the tall, dark and handsome mallu boy: @thefooddude take over from here:-

  1. Bungalow 9:


This romantic bungalow is surely a pinch in your pocket, but its surely better than other fine dines. Known as the perfect date place in the heart of Bandra, Bungalow 9 lets you and your tucked in a beautiful cozy bungalow that the mood is perfectly set for a perfect meal for the two of you. Their lighting and soft music is set perfectly well to keep your date with a perfect romantic and a memorable experience.


You can choose to get indulged in their indoor section or fall in love with music and love outside. You can choose from their numerous variety of cuisines like Continental, Italian or even an amazing sushi collection.


Picture Credits: Team Bunglow 9 and Pavisista

Must Try: Pepperoni Pizza, Burmese KahoSuey, Cajun chicken.

  1. Café Terra:What better to spend your date with a lovely sundowner. Located at the Executive Enclave in Pali Hills, this rooftop restaurant is sure to check everything you need for your valentine.


Terra is a perfect rooftop seating dressed in whites and blues and lovely lighting. Sit back and sip on your sangria as you enjoy a lovely sunset with a breathtaking bandra view.


Their menu cover a lot more oriental and continental food and a good amount of choices in both veg and non veg.


This place sure kicks in to be a ‘TERRAfic’ valentine’s day experience.

Must Try: Oriental Pot rice, Jalapeno cheese croquette

I would take back over for my suggestions to you. I am a food blogger who has attained expertise in Thane and Central Mumbai and am a soon to be expert in some of the Western Suburbs and Mumbai down-south.

  1. Gadda Da Vida (In Premise of Novotel)

I disagree with my homie Amrith. A better way to spend your date with a lovely sun-downer is when you are located on a couch with sand kissing your feet and the expanse of the Arabian Sea in form of The Juhu Beach acting as a Veil for the sun to disappear.


Facing the sea the dimly lit area of GDV is just what you need for a quiet romantic date or a nice chilled out evening with your buddies.


They also have a staircase by which you can enter the beach and chill out on the sand. I would advice you stick to the starters which are top quality. Garlic Lemon Prawns, Kasturi, Paneer Tikka and the Quattro Stagioni Pizza for the cheese lovers.


Picture Credits: anarjoshi, umangdedhia,

My Tip: Make your reservations and reach early by say 4:30pm so that you get prime seats, happy hours and the sunset view to feast upon.

  1. Café Verve (Thane)


This is my personal favorite for First Dates and I have had my fair share of those here. Not too expensive yet not too cheap, The staff knows what its like to serve albeit by giving ample privacy, comfortable couches and a prime Thane lake-side setting makes it a perfect candidate on this list.


The Hazelnut Mocha is my favorite here, also must try are their Cheesy Fries. They have a nice collection of Bagels and Pizzas as well.


Picture Credits: Krazymia_trails, dexterouz, raunakjangid

My Tip: Take one of the side couches which are extremely comfortable. Parking is generally an issue. But you can find ample parking on the lane adjacent to the lake.

I hand over the torch now to our Champion of Photography @saylee_padwal. We The Hogger’s Blog don’t claim responsibility if the photos seem much much better than the actual product 😛 She is an expert from Central Mumbai and Bandra

  1. Dinshaw’s Xpress Café

Sit back and relax while listening to your favourite tracks from the 90s at Dinshaw’s Xpress Cafe in Oshiwara. Tucked away in a quiet bylane of Andheri, Dinshaw’s serves more than just its signature icecream creations.


As a part of their special Valentine’s Day menu, you can choose from a range of mouthwatering milkshakes, fusion pastas (Butter Chicken Pasta, anyone?) or even some Nutella stuffed crepes! Drop by for a quiet evening spent playing your favourite game of UNO with that favorite person and end up making this V Day a truly memorable one!

  1. Pink Sugar

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than hearts. Lots of them. And when you have cupcakes decorated with them, what else does one need to make your someone special feel extra special? Pink Sugar has a variety of cakes, cupcakes, brownies, chocolates, etc to offer.


And if its Pastel Pink walls aren’t tempting enough, give their tooth some range of waffles a try. Go ahead, coat your Valentine’s Day with some glittery Pink Sugar!

Now we call upon @sarthakghosalkar the revered snapshot reviewer, Expert in Thane and a self-proclaimed designer of the most erotic clothing line.

  1. Pali village cafe:


An ideal place for a date!! That’s the first thing that comes to your mind the moment you step inside this cafe. Champagne bottles stacked on the walls, rusty old walls that give u a feel of an old European cafe.


It’s a cozy place with an atmosphere that gives you romantic vibes with the soft music playing around.


Picture Credits: Zoejaneblues, Bombayweekender, Triptipan

Surely a great place to enjoy some quality time on your valentines day with your loved ones. Pali village cafe has a great menu to offer, classy drinks and warm service which keeps up the good mood till you leave the cafe.

  1. Whr V  Met:


The newest happening place in Thane. The place has a story to tell and lot of Sheesha rings to make hover in air. It’s a place where you can sit and chill with your dear ones. Play a nice game of Chess, Snakes & Ladder, Ludo or Uno Cards.


I am sure many couples have a –––common love for Sheesha and you won’t be disappointed with the Variety of Sheesha flavours Whr V Met has to offer.


Picture Credits: Team Whr V Met, Suyog, Sarthak

Albeit being primarily a Sheesha Place you will be amazed with the food they serve. This Valentines mark Whr V Met as your date place.

Next up is our first guest, Afshaa @thefoodhatter. A Le cordon blue graduate, Afshaa is an amazing chef and has expert knowledge in this industry.

  1. The Tasting Room:


The Tasting Room is one place you need to cover if you want to visit a quiet place amidst the hustle and bustle of the city just for you and your valentine.


Their rustic charm coupled with Rumi quotes create a compelling ambiance and for wine lovers, this sure is heaven.


What’s better to have a perfect valentine with wine. The Tasting room offers you an Exhaustive wine menu so you choose from the best.


Picture Credits: Vishantpaschisia, Dishaanand_, Team Tasting Room

The Tasting Room is situated just outside ( and parts of its inside) the Good Earth showroom in Raghuvanshi Mills compound. Their European menu is sure vast and tasty providing you with one good unique experience.

        P.S: You can even grab a few good deals at Wow Tables too

Last but not at all the least is our guest Renu aka @eaternityandbeyond. She is known for her poetic reviews on Zomato. I personally am a fan of her writing. She happens to be an expert from Central  Mumbai and South Mumbai.

  1. Doolally:


Aren’t romantic dinners done to death now? If you thrive on unconventional, then head to Doolally. Down their brewed beers, chomp on their house fries and strengthen your bond over a game of Jenga.


The one-pager menu may not qualify as luxurious but the relaxed casual vibe of Doolally makes up for it.


Picture Credits:, Aaliya.sayed, Geekshot

Hit up the Mango Cider, Apple Cider, In-house fries and Chicken Ghee Roast. P.S:- It is Pet-Friendly, Yay to that !!

So we end this list here. We have tried to cover all aspects, Covering various geographical locations, for different economic preferences and different activity choices. But if you need more options in a different part of the city or with other activities or even more cheaper or more expensive options feel free to ask us. DM us on our Instagram page (@thehoggersblog) or on our Facebook Page. We do our best to reply to all our genuine queries as soon as possible.

On behalf of the entire team, Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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