Delivery Kitchens: Morning after Dark

Delivery kitchens in Mumbai have been opening up very quickly these days. Call it gourmet burgers, wood fried pizza or Continental and European food, these kitchens save you the hassle of waiting for your seat at any restaurant, and providing your food right at your doorstep!

Most recently, I have tried two delivery kitchens who have served food of two different varieties at two different timings. The title inspired by Timbaland’s iconic Morning after Dark song, I’ll be covering Masala Kitchen which delivers to you uber gourmet Indian food round the day and Pot De Fusion, a late night delivery service that will kill your midnight cravings as they start from 7 in the night to 4 in the morning! In this post, I’ll be covering the ordering process (website, customer service) and the food of course.

I. Masala Kitchen:

The idea behind Masala Kitchen is to provide you with high quality, 5 star Indian food with the comfort of you being at home and most importantly not making a big hole in your wallet.  Their menu that they offer is vast, and you can choose from chicken to fish and veggies and mutton too. Well, that is a lot to pick from.

1. The Application:


The front of the website starts with this lovely tandoori chicken with onions on the top, woaah.. that really was tempting. It’s pretty neat and simple with no extra complications.  Tried opening the website on my mobile phone and it worked smooth as pie. Thus making  their website easy to access with any device. Click on order now on the top right corner, highlighted well so that it catches your eye. You will be then prompted to add in your location and you’ll be then sent to the menu.


The menu, is then divided into different categories and lets you choose from a majority of choices ranging from dishes of the day, starters, wraps and even a office lunch pack fit to fill everyone’s stomach after a rough day at work. The search bar is a boon as it lets you search any dish of your choice. Select what you need and click on add. The pre check out step is also besides, making it easy to add or remove the dish of your choice. Post that, click on checkout and proceed in adding your address and it even lets you choose between paying by card or use COD as per your convenience. You are then presented with a LTOD number which you can use to check the status of your order.

Messages were sent to your phone once the order has been confirmed and even when dispatched. What they did not share is the number of their delivery executive which would have made it easy for the customer to get in touch with them.

The website, designed by team LimeTray wins a perfect 5/5 as it gives you a hassle free experience.

2. The Food:

1. Amritsari Chole ki Achari Biryani:

Well, that’s a first! The name itself made me want to try it out. I am usually not a fan of veg biryanis, but this one has topped my list of one of the best veg biryanis I’ve tried.


The full plate biryani can be easily enough for a meal for 2. The aroma of the rice as soon as we opened it was full of flavors and saffron. The dum cooked basmati rice was mixed in this lovely  amristari chole. The pickles mixed inside gave it a lovely zing to the biryani. They served with raita besides and extra pickle to add to your taste. A must try for sure 🙂

2. Reshmi Murgh Tikka:

As the name goes, the reshmi murgh tikka presented itself with a royal meal, and made this particular starter fit for kings!


Scullent chicken kebab pieces that would just melt in your mouth like magic. It was soft and would spread like butter. The chicken was flavored with fennel and cardarmon making this a perfect starter to go with. With mint chutney besides, it did not take long for this one to finish.

3. Butter Chicken:


Butter chicken at MK had its own hits and misses. The pieces of marinated chicken were served in a thick tomato gravy and then it had hints of butter and cream. The miss being that the tomato gravy was bit to overpowering, and made it a little tangy to taste.

4. Angoor Gulab Jamun:

Now with a heavy meal down your stomach, there is always room for desserts and we selected the angoor gulab jamun.


The gulab jamuns were perfect and deep fried in a sweet syrup. With a few toppings of pistachios on top, these small balls of joy went in a matter of seconds 🙂 Again, team Mk were not shy on the quanity. A big thumbs up for that.

Verdict: This Delivery kitchen is a must try as it gives you a lot of amazing Indian food and with a perk of being not so expensive.

The Masala Kitchen experience gets a hearty 4.5/5.


Delivery Areas: Worli – Breach Candy
Customer Service: Prompt
Re – order Appeal: 5/5


II. Pot De Fusion:

As the name goes, Pot De fusion offers you a vast variety of dishes and cuisines. PDF Travels all around the world ranging from Indian to Pan-asian, Continetal to Italian to French. Woah, that’s a lot of dishes to try.

1. Appication:


The Website is similar to the one we used at Masala Kitchen. Later, I found that it has built by LimeTray itself. So, the user interface is just the same on what I’ve covered above. Post the order processing is also simple and the team will send you messages once your order has been processed and delivered. No hassles here too. The only plus part is that PDF boasts an android app so that you can download it on your device and use it too.

2. The Food:

We were served a special part of their Valentines menu. So most of the dishes that I am going to talk about are not on the menu yet. They will soon include these dishes on the main menu too.

1. Pasta in creamy, garlic and white wine sauce:


I have a bad craving for cheesy and creamy pastas and this one was a mouth watering one. The pasta is thick and creamy and had a lovely garlic zest to it. The sauce had a hint of white wine, though it was hardly prominent as an element in the dish as a whole. With olives on the top, The PDF pasta made it to my list of a dainty creamy pasta. Oh yes, and its filling too.

2. Grilled Chicken in Harisa sauce:


The Grilled chicken in Harisa sauce was more like a steak for me. A lot of veggies combined with a spicy harisa sauce to it.

3. Chicken Wings in BBQ sauce.


BBQ chicken wings are always my favorite. The sauce was smokey and loaded with barbecue sauce. Simple and well done!

4. Crispy Chicken Bao with KimChi:


Team PDF, take a bao! Thank you, as we do not get baos here in goregaon east, and definitely not if you crave for it at midnight 😛 The bao was loaded with crispy chicken and lovely sauces and the kimchi added to the crunch of the bao. Oh bao, you made me go WOW.

5. Baked Philadelphia Cheese cake:


Sometimes I wrestle with my inner demons. Other times, we just hug and eat cheesecake! A perfect ending to a super meal. The ultimate cheesecake with philly cream cheese. Nothing fancy with no experiments.

Overall: PDF fills your hunger at any given point of time in the night. For dinner and mid night cravings, PDF fits the bill easily with its wide range of cuisines with decent prices.

Pot De Fusion gets a total score of 4/5


Delivery Areas: Andheri to Kandivali
Customer Service: Prompt
Re – order Appeal: 5/5

With delivery kitchens like this coming around each nook and corner, its easy for lazy people like us to save your our time, and eat and drink and simply chill at home 😉

Bon – Appetite!

– Amrith

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