Best Indian Fine – Dine: Kebab Korner

As we left the kitchen of The Kebab Korner (KK), the ebullient Chef Bhairav Singh roared a battle cry for his team to get back to work and start making the food again. Such was his enthusiasm in the kitchen that those vibes of zeal and zest reverberated in our Food. Nothing was amiss that night when I entered The InterContinental. Plush ambience and a quite lull welcomed me into the hotel. The stories, the enigma and the tasty tangy food which played tattle with my tongue all night were all fit like pieces of a puzzle to make this experience one of the best I have ever had. The age old heritage structure is a myriad of stories and legends and a few of them I wish to uncover today.

FOOD (5/5)

The food was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Yes such an exaggerated adjective suits the food best at the Kebab Korner.


Methi Murg Malai:


It was one of the most tender and well cooked chicken I have ever had. The cream oozed from the kebab as soon as you cut it open with your knife. The taste delights your buds and you relish every bite of it.



This was a modern Indian preparation of prawns. Such was the prawns that it gushed with freshness. I couldn’t help but compliment the Chef on the Freshness of his prawns. It is very rare at restaurants which generally resort to frozen prawns.

All 3 mains

Dum ka Murgh Hara Masala – Not every day can you see me recommending anything in green gravy. But if you are at KK it’s a must must try. This chicken in the green gravy is so succulent that I actually asked for a second helping in a tasting session.

Dal Makhani – Slowly stewed authentic dal makhani with a hot paratha was just what the doctor ordered and the Dal at KK lived up to all its hype. The hue of butter was evident from the dal and served hot it was one of the better dals I have had over the years.

Ajwaini Naan – Not every day a naan features in this list but this naan was such that it deserved this mention. Crumbled up like a day old paper and buttered up as a Pav Bhaji’s Pav this Naan is a must have.

Chocolate Chilli:


This one is a whammy. You eat a bite and its your usual chocolate taste and you dismiss it saying “Bah! No Chilli“ but as you move on to try something else the little tinge of chilli starts to prickle on your throat as mildly as ants would walk. That is when you realize the wonder that this dish is capable of.

Gulab Jamun – Simple, soft and as vintage as it can get.


Moongdal Pops:

Crunchy, moongdal balls with pineapple panna as a dip. This rajasthani style popper was a real crunch and is recommended for moongdal lovers.

Sweet Potato chat:


A chat-styled preparation of tikkis of sweet potato and an assortment of chutneys mixed in it.

Masala Roomali:

Being such an eye-catcher this is the highest selling dish at KK. It’s a Big kadak inverted oval roti with garnishing of tomato, onion and coriander.

Achaari Tarbooz – Pickled vegetable which were just the proper sour and tangy.

Lamb Kakori:

This was literally a whirlwind of spices in my mouth. The Lamb was
properly cooked and was very easy to chew. One could literally feel and taste the assortment of spices with each bite.

American Corn Curry – A very unique sort of curry this. It was Kothimbir vadi in Corn curry.

This place was so good that there was nothing I could include in my last category of DON’T HAVES. Also please pardon my prejudice against Veg Food as all of it has ended up in the average affairs and almost all the non veg is in must hogs.


How can you not rate it a 5/5 when you sweep the curtain aside while having your lunch and the vast expanse that is the marine drive lies right in front of you. For any mumbaikar its an almost perfect setting. But apart from its natural ambience the one made by the them is also worth a 5/5.

Elegance is the word that can best describe the diner. It has a very classy look; perfect for fine dining. They have a silent waterfall which is so silent and so transparent that you can almost miss it. I had to be told of its presence before I could realize that water was flowing on those walls. The fittings were like those of the old Mughal era it was so Mughal that they even had the mother of pearl adorning every table and the jalis resembled that which could be found in the old city of Fatehpur Sikri.


Again even after trying to find faults I couldn’t. Be it the Zeal of Chef Bhairav, the Class of our manager or just the commanding aura of Jaspalji .

All ensured that the service sections didn’t lose points. Jaspalji is one of the servers who has adorned the KK since its very inception in 1971! A full 45 years of service and he has ensured that loyal customers and their newer generations have kept coming back for more at Kebab Korner at the InterContinental and previously at the Hotel Natraj. As previously mentioned Chef Bhairav and his reverberating enthusiasm not only leeched into the food but emanated to his fellow staff as well. They were all very active and buzzed. They ensured we had a spectacular evening.

A splendid experience matched by lovely service and pleasant ambiance. A meal well enjoyed by a lovely host Chef Bhairav, Team Hoggers Blog (Amrith, Neha and Suyog), The Gastronomical Affair (Yaashna and Sanika), Khai Peene Jalsa (Rushit and Tejas) and Tanvi Oak from Eat.Review.Repeat.

– Bon Appetite

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