Mumbai Cocktail Week – Pub Crawl (Bandra & Lower Parel)

The Mumbai Cocktail Week ended yesterday on a high note! The week long celebration took us to a journey to many bars, lounges, clubs and restaurants all around Mumbai city providing us a variety of drinks and showing us the art to pour the perfect concoction!!


The Week started from the 2nd of April all the way to the 9th and put on a hell of a show with Pub Crawls, Masterclasses and parties.

We, The Hoggers Blog covered two Pub Crawls, one being the crawl at Bandra on the 7th and Lower Parel on the 9th.

1. Pub Crawal – Baaandra ** Pudil station बांद्रा **

What better to start the crawl at Bandra. Good food, places to shop and yes the places to eat too. The jolly bandra hop started at Elbo Room and the finale was at Escobar. So, the Pub Crawl lets you claim one signature cocktail from the menu the respective Bar/Pub/Restaurant has to offer us, and a snack too which was promised to us but we never got them. *sigh*

Stop 1. The Elbo Room

We started off at Elbo Room, a quaint place filled with a amazing music collection. The logo reminded me of a mixture of Hogwarts and the School of Rock :P. We tried a classic Red Wine Sangria and the Tangerine Caipirojka.

The Sangria was made just fine with Red Wine, Triple Sec, Orange juice and chopped apples.


The Tangerine Caipirojka was an interesting mix of Captain Morgan Rum, Chopped Tangerine, Lime Mint and Sugar. The drink gave us the the perfect kick along with the zest of lemon.


Experience: Good Start. Lovely music and an amazing music collection
Drinks: Perfect – 5/5

2. Stop 2: The Den

This was the first time for me that I’ve heard about the Den. A small place, but build really well. The music was kicking and the place was full. The best part, it is just a minute walking from Elbo, so no trouble there. At the Den, we tried the Whiskey Sunset and a classy Jalepeno Olive Martini.

The Whiskey Sunset dawned a vibrant red loaded with Whiskey, Lime Juice, fresh orange and Grenadine. The drink looked really appealing cause of its color, but then it was bit too sweet for my liking.


On the Other hand, the Jalepeno Olive Martini stole the show. With the perfect hit of sweet and spice, the martini was one perfectly fit for Bond. *Shaken not Stirred* 😉

Experience: Hits and Misses
Drinks: Good – 3/5

Stop 3: Asado

Well, the cocktail street was surely a disappointment. Stuff were fancy, but then not worth it at all. What let us down after a happy start at Elbo and Den, Asado single handedly got the entire mood down! We were provided with sample cocktails, in a small test tube which tasted like medicine and then the drinks on the MCW menu were charged. A Total Turn off for sure.



We did not even wait for them to serve us more and we decided to leave to the final destination * not the movie * ”

Experience: Bad – Samples were not worth it
Drinks: Poor – 1/5

Stop 4: Escobar

One word to this describe this place, A total ‘GAMECHANGER’. Escobar’s music, the ambiance and the Vibe that it carried along was simply mind blowing. Your feet would just tap with the music these guys placed along and the drinks were amazing. Disappointment to Happiness in a matter of seconds. We had the Ibiza Marina, a towering blue drink build up in the Tom Collins with Orange Slice.


The place was jam packed and we spent the rest of the time dancing to the tune that escobar had.

Experience: Amazing – The Vibe was the Winner
Drinks: No complaints – 5/5

So, the Bandra Bar Crawl ended with a perfect end with all the places providing us the best, expect for one place letting us down!


Crawl Number 2 – Lower Parel Bar Crawl (A crawl went wrong)

With an amazing start at Bandra, I had a lot of expectations of this being as good as the other one. Sadly, the bar crawl here had a lot and lot of misses. From Kamala mills to Todi Mills, 2 places each being PDT and Old Wild West and O:CHA and Blue frog respectively. I won’t be talking much about this crawl, as it really had a lot of disappointments.

The Hits:

O:h cha – This place was a weird choice to choose for a Bar Crawl as it lacked the music and the people dancing to the beat. Though the place was a let down to be counted as one, the drinks made us change the menu. O:h cha was one place out of the others that gave their best out for Mumbai Cocktail Week. We were treated for a surprise with a oh:cha blue oreo and a ‘3 jack ass’. Two drinks that were done to perfection. The blue oreo being an unusual concoction and the latter being a perfect drink of Scotch.



The Misses:

PDT – Old Wild West and Blue Frog

I’m surely not going to tell anyone about PDT as they just had only one drink on the line for a pub crawl. The drink was just tang mixed in vodka. Nothing great and a disappointing start.


Old Wild West, had the music and the old school texas ambiance to it, but sadly the drinks were again a let down.


Then came blue frog, the place was jam packed and we were even told to pay Rs. 300 to enter. But, the MCW team got us in but then again, the music and the vibe being excellent but we really could not do much at all.


We managed to stand next to the bar, and we tried to order for 2 drinks, The LIIT and the Blue Frog. Although, the LIIT came fast, my drink took ages. Almost 45 minutes of waiting, we left the place.

Again, at this crawl we weren’t promised the food that we were supposed to get. And most of the places, the drinks weren’t served to us even after it being served to others. The Lower Parel Crawl was sure a sour end for us.

Overall, I got to experience my first ever Bar Crawl and we are definitely looking for more to come! Thank you FBAI and Mumbai Cocktail Week for allowing me to cover the Crawl.


– Amrith

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