Taking the trip through Delhi Highway!

I’ve discovered this new found love for some classy Delhi food after a visit to this place that has won hearts with their delicious food, great ambiance and one amazing playlist! Yes, the place I’m talking about is Delhi Highway! A restaurant famous for its gigantic thalis with some mouth watering food.

The ambiance of this place is appealing and grand! The feel of the place is palatial and makes you feel like a king.


The soft and soothing music makes sure that it ain’t loud but your feet keeps tapping to the beat of some good ol’ classics.

The staff are well trained and polite and very responsive. Each one of them had a wide smile on the place pretty much keeps the feel around the place more positive and lively.

We started off with the ‘Kairi Panha’ a refreshing drink with that taste of raw mangoes and a lovely zing of black salat, cumin and ginger.

This drink was surely refreshing especially after my 10 minute walk to find the place.

Next, we were served with soup named the ‘Tomato Dhanya Shorba’. It’s the Punjabi version of tomato soup.

Honestly, I’m not a person to start off with soup but it had the goodness of tomato and coriander and the thickness was on the besan added to the mix. The curry leaves and cumin seeds and a lovely zest to the overall flavor of the soup.

After a ride from cold to hot, we stopped for an Indian party. No, No, there was no alcohol but we did have some Gol Gappa shots. Delhi being the hub for the best chaat in India, could not mess this up and it surely made up to it’s expectations. Your gol gappa paani inside a thick test tube like glass with a puri right on top of it.

With 1/3 rd of the trip covered with much satisfaction, we took the journey down kebab lane! With a lot on the table, the kebabs were piping hot and ready to be taken inside our rumbling stomachs!

The ‘Tandoori Mushroom’ was a surprise. With one bite, you get that lovely yellow burst of cheese in it with the right spice with the mushroom.

The ‘naramdil kebab’ also won our hearts with its uber soft paneer and that perfect spice which made everything nice.

The fusion aspect came in form of the broccoli and pesto kebab was a miss for me.

With the ‘tour de kebab’ done and dusted, we faced ourselves with the most gigantic task and that was to pass that Thali. Oh damn, trust me it was something you can not mess with with its sheer size and some lip smacking food surrounding it.

My favorites out of this were the Dal Delhi Highway – thick and absolutely lip smacking, the chana masala – keeping it clean and simple which will make sure you want to have this again and again.

The winners, would be the desserts. That thick lassi which made me go for another serving and the gulab jamun which was a dainty delight.

Overall Verdict: Delhi Highway is a good place to have some authentic delhi food without burning a hole in your pocket. For thali lovers, you are surely bound to fall in love with what one thali has to offer to one person. In my opinion, 2 people can easily finish their grand thali.

The service was spot on, and we thank the owner for being with us during the meal to help us with all the information needed.

So, if you’re looking for a place for some delhi food then pack your bags, start your engines and head down to Delhi Highway!

Note: Due to a loss in data, I could not get all my pictures to this blog post. Thank you Nishant Patel, Monali Shah and Team Kmedia for sharing the pictures with me.

Bhaisahab, Delhi jaaoge kya? 😛

— Amrith

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