Go cashless with ‘Dineout’ at Shiro, Worli

In a place like Mumbai, dining in restaurant’s can be a pain. The trouble of calling them, checking if there is a table turns out to be frustrating. You can always take the risk of walking in, but then there is waiting time so that upsets you too. So if one lucky day you manage to get a seat and have a meal and you want to pay the bill, you will struggle to find the server to get your bill, then you get the bill and you want to pay by card you give it back and so on. That entire process will cost you 10 minutes and turns out to be very frustrating too. So, what is the solution to an easy seamless dine? Presenting dineout, an app that lets you have easy bookings with a cashless experience with the use of your smartphone.

The Process:

The booking process is simple as pie, in this instance, we had a bloggers table at Shiro, Worli:

1. Choose your restaurant – Shiro, Worli

The interface lets you see the rating of the restaurant along with a few details and best deals that the restaurant has.

Easy UI

Also, you get to book an Uber, check your cost for two and a few reviews let you decide in case you’re wondering if the restaurant is worth the visit.

2. Reserve your table:

Once you click to reserve your table, you can choose the day and time via an easy UI.

Once the table is booked you will receive a message on your registered mobile number along with a confirmation on the app.

That’s it! In 2 simple steps you’re reservation is confirmed!

With our meals set, we get to Shiro. I have visited Shiro before and this is one place where the entire ambiance takes me over. The Tall statues and that added Japanese feel to it makes you feel like you’re living in one big Japanese palace.

The meal was hosted by Team Shiro and Dineout, here is a glimpse on what came to our table. There was a lot at our table, this experience was not as good as my first visit but we had a pretty good time.














After a hearty meal, comes the pay. Which is pretty simple.

1. First click on bill payment, and enter the amount you would like to pay.

2. Select your payment platform/wallet (Mobiquik wallet has some amazing cashback’s with dineout)

3. Once done, your payment will be confirmed and you’ll get a message on your number and email about the payment.

4. Leave like a boss B)

Overall App interface – Easy. Though I had a few hiccups at first with the app crashing a couple of times. I hope the devs fix this issue soon.

Will I use the app again?
Yes. It does save in your time and with the discounts available you can skip those lengthy waiting and experience a seamless cashfree experience.

Thank you Team Dineout and Shiro for hosting this table for us.

Tabete mimashou!

Note: Due to a loss in data, I could not get all the pictures for this meet. Special thanks to Afshaa (Thefoodhatter) for sharing the pictures with me.

— Amrith

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