Food for Gods


Have you ever heard of Gods eating unhealthy, unhygienic food? Take a step down to the demi-gods, Have you ever heard of any world leader who is lax on his diet? Our own Narendra Modi sticks to a light Gujrati diet which is strictly vegetarian. Steve Jobs was a Vegan.


Many people in India desire to eat healthy. But we face two problems. First, Organic and healthy food ingredients are hard to get. Secondly, If you do manage to get them they come at steep prices. Even if we decide to eat healthy we have no good and affordable options.


The Hogger’s Blog would like you to introduce one. Four Points – By Sheraton has come up with an all new Heal-Thy Self Festival, which consists of a menu boasts of having Food for Gods. It is a menu curated by health and fitness guru Mickey Mehta. In this ongoing healthy food festival Four points offers a Buffet menu which starts at 500pp and provides a wide range of healthy yet tasty food.

Their Chefs whip up salads on demand. They have yummy treats like gajar ka halwa which just melts in your mouth. A dal khichdi which makes you go weak on your knees and various types of other healthy and tasty options. All their ingredients are organic and they take utmost care that you get what is best for your body.


A little tête-à-tête with Mickey Mehta himself was an eye-opener for us bloggers who have been junking on glutton almost everyday without giving a thought about our health. He was quick to suggest a hack for us where he advised us to de-toxicate ourselves with an oolong tea early morning and have nothing to eat till our evil lunch. He provided insights into life of healthy habits and cleared various myths about healthy food habits.


Four Points – By Sheraton now provides an option to healthy food eaters which was absent till date. I know many enthusiasts who would jump on this opportunity to have some healthy food at such affordable prices. The food festival continues till 17th of july so book your tables this weekend.

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