Poetic Justice: My First Poetic Review


Ohh silly, Silly Chilly
No wonder your ratings here are down the nilly willy,

I tried and changed my regular Chinese guy,
And chose you to send me shawarma, rice and gravy dry.

While the shawarma was good,
How could you call the rice and gravy food?

The gravy was stale and the chicken undercooked,
And hence the bashing session from my mother was booked.

When she called and complained about the game,
You gave reasons which were rather lame.

Instead of accepting your folly
You argued with her, oh golly!

Always remember, to survive in this service oriented ring,
Consumer is always the king.

Grudgingly so, you accepted to send another gravy to us mate.
But Alas, it was too little too late

This second time, the gravy was fresh and the chicken cooked
But the space in our tummies was already booked,
There was nothing you could offer that could again get me hooked.

My experience here was like dealing with a bully,
Ohh silly, silly chilly,
No wonder your ratings here are so Willy nilly.

To the owners of Silly Chilly,

With such an attitude towards home delivery customers you will only remain just another place in Kolbad and can never get out of that rut and be a recognized place all over Mumbai or even Thane.

I generally never write such reviews and prefer to talk out my differences with the management, but you were completely un-receptive to my complaints and instead argued. You clearly sent stale gravy which stunk and chicken pieces were under-cooked and argued that you sent it to everyone and only I complained, that sent out an even wrong message. After much deliberation you agreed to give a replacement for the gravy which smelled very good and the chicken was cooked properly too. But till then it was too late and our appetites were cheated by under-cooked chicken in our rice and the stale gravy. For your own good I hope get your act together fast.

To all my readers,

this place is a big no from my side. Even if they gave me a replacement in the end but they cheated me in the start and I really cant tolerate any cheating when it comes to my food…..Bon Appétit

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