4 Must-Dos for a Foodie in Viviana Mall

There were days, when in Thane the most happening places were family restaurants or teenage college joints. For shopping, there were either premium Indian brands or substandard foreign brands. Thane and Thaneites alike were discounted by the big brands. Even in the food scene, better chain of restaurants never stepped foot here.

But then waltzed in Viviana and changed this boring scene for ever. They recognized the power of Thaneites and brought in the big players.They substituted the Central with Shopper’s Stops, instead of Jeans Junctions people started buying at Zara’s, instead of going to domino’s we had the option of Pizza Express. This revolution was brought around by Viviana.

Today as a food blogger and a Zomato Review expert in that area I will tell you the top 4 things a foodie can do at Viviana.

  1. Tuesday Treats

Every Tuesday Viviana opens up its doors to the public with a slew of discounts. They have exciting one plus one offers and various other discounts. For eg. Falafels have their mouth-watering Shawarma’s and Falafels at a throw away price of Rs. 79.

Classic Chicken Shawarma (1)

The elusive Rajdhani Thali is available at just a pinch more than half its rate at Rs. 250


  1. Italian Monsoon Fest

Viviana has organized an Italian Monsoon Fest which runs from 5th to 15th August. This festival has some of Viviana’s prime restaurants conducting workshops, games, contests etc. So basically there is a lot of free food to offer along with lots of fun and many prizes to be won. You also get a chance to have a tête a tête with the top Chefs from these premium restaurants. maybe they might just let you in on their secret and you can create their recipes in your own kitchen. The restaurants that are offering their delicious wares are, The British Brewing Company, Jughead’s, Pizza Express and The United Sports Bar and Grill.


Delicious pizzas and pastas are for offer at Viviana.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. New exciting outlets

Viviana is only improving the prospects of Thane. In the past they brought premium outlets like Mainland China and Copper Chimney to Thane and now three new and exciting brands have agreed to come to Thane courtesy Viviana.

  1. Irish House: This is undoubtedly one of the top requirements of Thane. A watering hole with the panache of irish stepping into Thane is a big deal. It has opened up in Viviana and will be giving out an unconditional happy hours throughout the day for their opening weekend that is 12th, 13th and 14th August.
  2. SodaBottleOpenerWala : This Bawa brand from Bandra has already set my tounge wagging. known for its contemporary style of old parsi cuisine. Soda bottle openerwala is a tounge tattler for Thaneites. This one is scheduled to open its doors in a month or two.
    147105469585309 (1)
  3. Boston Cupcakery: Gone are the days when you go out of Thane just to have a decent dessert. My all time favorite cupcake joint is throwing open its doors at Viviana in the coming days. This place does sorcery with cupcakery. Their Cupckaes are at times coupled with ice-creams or dumped in milkshakes to give a perfect blend. Their Nutella and Red-Velvet Cupcakes literally sell like hot cakes. My personal fav combo there is the gooey chocolate cupcake with butterscotch ice-cream.147105469585309 (3)147105469585309 (2)



  1. The Existing outlets

There are so many outlets Viviana has bought to Thane. Mainland China, Copper Chimney, Yellow Chilli and The Beer Cafe to name a few. But today I ll be focussing on my two favorite joints in Viviana:-

  1. United Sports Bar and Grill – With that Jumbo screen this is a PERFECT PLACE to watch any sports match, They have a nice pool table to go with all this and to top it all, the United Bar has one of the quirkiest food and drinks menu. My favorites are Samson ke Samose, (A samosa salad. This is one salad I would never give a miss.), Bacon Wrapped Sausages and Chocolate infused chicken. Need I say anything more?
  2. British Brewing Company – BBC as it is fondly known has a very English setting, it gives out a vibe of those old rickety bars, the wooden finish and the old barrels. it was a delight eating there would definitely urge you to go for the Shephard’s Pie. Apart from that thin crusted pizzas, chicken salad and chicken singapore noodles all are very toothsome.The desserts are an absolute must have, The Blueberry Cheesecake, The Crunchy Chocolate, The Blueberry Cheesecake etc. BBC are the perfect place to have a quite little date.


Viviana provides a one stop solution to all the Thaneites, on the bi-annual sale days it also attracts the so called townies who beeline the mall for special brands like Esbeda. With the advent of Irish and Soda Bottle Openerwala, the crowd will only keep coming.

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