5 reasons why Beer Cafe is an all in one ‘beer’ cafe

To be or not to be, that is the question – Shakesbeer

Hello fellow brewski’s, lend us your (B)eeers!

All of us here at The Hoggers Blog have visited The Beer Cafe, and all of us have one part they do love in this yellow and black themed beer hub! To add to a twist to a general review, I bring to you top 5 reasons why beer cafe is the one stop destination for Beer – Friends – Fun!


Picture Credit – Beer Cafe/BuzzInTown

Be it airports, malls, busy streets – Beer Cafe is everywhere! In such a short period, beer cafe is spread across 8 locations around Mumbai and Thane. Well, they made sure that there is plenty for us to drink 😉 The ‘BEER’ist place in town indeed!

2. Beers Galoreee.

For Beer lovers, this is paradise! You can select from 13 Draught beers and even taste the ones at Gateway Brewing co! Thats not it. There are around 50 + bottled beers from all around the world. Well, that is all the beers from around the world in Mumbai.

Beer with Homer? Indeed 😀

If you think that towers are the largest you can have, you must not miss their TANKS that is if you can handle so much. 15 GOD DAMN MUGS!

3. Finger bites!

Well, when you have the beer inside , you must need some amazing food to keep that balance just right. The food here goes well with your brew and that is all you need. Pizza’s, fries, rings,bruschettas  – you name it and they have it! A must at any of the beer cafe is their ‘Hulk Platter’


4. The Music Playlist + Ambiance!

The two things I’ve noticed is the amazing ambiance and interiors that they have! My personal favorite ones being the one at T2 (Airport) and the Churchgate outlet. Natural light kicks in perfect during the day and during the night the yellow lights make it perfect.

Drinking + dancing = HAPPY DANCE

Also, their music playlist is kickass! You’re sure to keep your feet tapping and the drinks going round and round again.


Karaoke is the perfect start to your Fri – yaay night! I wasn’t aware about this at first, but thanks to The Guiltless Foodies, we got to know that The Beer Cafe (Bandra) has a basement, where they host karaoke to sing your hearts out!
So all your bathroom singers, fear not! Sing your hearts out. We got to sing on any song of our choice. Pop – classic – rock – pop rock – metal, you name it and they have it! You can keep the beer, food and the songs coming for you! If you want a break, chill with your buds (beer pun intended) at the pool table.

P.S – The Karaoke hosts are good singers! 😛

These are our 5 things why we like Beer Cafe. Do let us know in the comments section below if we have missed out on anything.

I would like to end this review with a small joke! Don’t kill me after this.

Q. How does a Jewish person make beer?
A. HEBREWS IT xD ** Tee – Hee **

Cheers and Bon – appetite

— Amrith

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