Muchos Gracias! Inox introduces ‘Muchos’ to bring in a #MovieInAPack

Quick Kick:

Bored of your regular popcorn in theaters? Or you feel that your nachos cant salsa to you? are chips are your last hope? Then say hello to Inox Muchos – a wide range of popcorns, nachos and kettle chips that you must have for every movie.

                                        Inox Muchos on Display

Whats cooking, good looking?

It’s always good to have something interesting and different while watching a movie, and in such times the Indian theaters are filled with your regular choice of Popcorn (Salted, caramel or mixed) the ever so ordinary nachos + salsa dip . Often overpriced, you may burn a hole in your pocket and get bored of both the movie (If it’s boring) and the food you eat.

Introducing Inox Muchos, their take on making your movie experience ever better with some yummy ready – to – eat popcorn, Packed Nachos + Dip (YES, a dip inside a pack) and finally, some kettle cooked chips!

We were given to sample the following:

  1. Nachos + Dip:

— Salsa Mexicana starring Tomato Bell Pepper (OLE!)



— The Love Triangle starring Cheese and Jalapeno and cheesy dip




— Night of Piri Piri starring piri piri chilli, lemon and oregaono



2. Kettle Cooked Chips

— Taste side story introducing cheddar and Parmesan cheese, basil and oregano



3. Ready to eat Popcorn (Sweet + Savory)

— How Toffee won Caramel (A match made in heaven)



— Pineapple green chilli affair ( a sweet and spicy superhit)

                  P.S – They are gluten free. Credits – Team K.P.J


— Super cheese vs pepperman (Batman vs Superman, whaat!)


Our experience with the movie:

The movie we saw was XXX – Return of Xander Cage and with its fast exciting pace the crunch of the Pineapple chilli popcorn kept us munching with its ups and downs. ‘How Toffee won Caramel’ was a better love story than Deepika and Vin Diesel. The Nachos kept up the pace with Xander’s dancing moves and ‘cheesy’ lines. Our nervous movements were calmed down with those lovely Kettle Chips.

To Hog or Not to Hog?

With the movie food scenario needing a change here in Mumbai, Inox Muchos is the thing you must try for a complete movie in a pack. With the price range of everything below 80 bucks, It sure is a steal and saves some heavy heavy money. Whats Best? This is not only available in Inox but also available across 3000 stores in Mumbai and around 16,000 and more (Pan India)


So we are saying – This can be solution for better snacks in theaters but also if you are ever planning a quick movie date at home, head to the store and grab some of them and enjoy the movie!

Bon – Appetite!

— Amrith Padmanand

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