A 5 Star experience at Goa’s finest Pan Asian Restaurant – Koi Asian Dining & Bar

Hello Goa- The place for cheap booze and amazing food! This is my very first trip to Goa (Yes, I’m 24) and amidst all the shacks and beaches lies this amazing pan – Asian restaurant that I absolutely fell in love with! With our fair share of restaurants here in Mumbai, we found this place to be different from the rest. Let’s find out

Located in the heart of Calangute city,  Koi is one amazing placed filled with excellent food paired with crazy drinks and calm ambiance.

The Ambiance:

From the outside, Koi feels like home. Dressed with lanterns and yellow light. The lighting and the music blend well to the overall look and feel of the place. Massive Buddha heads are placed all around the place.


The Highlight – The Koi Paintings. Just before we start our food tour, here is a small brief about Koi. (Koi fish are a common symbol in both Chinese culture and feng shui, depicted on artwork, clothing, tattoos and even with live fish used in landscape design. By knowing koi’s long history, you can more easily understand why people revere this beautiful fish so deeply.)


The restaurant interiors, have koi paintings and artwork which brings in auspicious abundance and prosperity. The outside seating is vast and also hosts a screen for Matches/Screenings etc.

Koi’s main USP lies in featuring it’s food and its drink together to create the perfect balance you will ever need. Koi uses a food element in the drink for that magic touch.

We started off with the Khowsuey Amuse – Bouche.


The Khowsuey was light and refreshing just the way you want to begin your meal with.

1. Sushi paired with Wasabi Bloody Mary

The Sushi platter was enormous! and was presented with perfection. The platter included California Crab stick – cream cheese cucumber and avocado and the Panko Crusted Vegetable Tempura roll.


We really loved the tempura, with the perfect crunch and flavor just the way you like. On the other hand, our drink – the Wasabi Bloody Mary will set Fire to the rain! Never ever have we tried wasabi in our bloody mary and it was indeed a fiery start to our first course.


We recommend trying out the Bloody Mary by taking a small sip, that way you get that extra added hit and you can have that sushi to calm you down.

2. The Sum tum (papaya salad) and The Thai Beef Salad paired with Lemongrass Caipiroska.

Next on course, was the Sum Tum ( Papaya Salad ) and the Thai Beef salad! The Sum Tum had a nice and spicy touch to it and the Thai Beef was seasoned well and was a delight to munch on!


We tried this with the Lemongrass Caipiroska – It was nice and refreshing with a lovely lemongrass flavors and was a perfect accompaniment to our salads!


Moving to the mains, our widespread included dishes like Soya Krapow, Thai Curry, Singapore Chilly Crab, Hot Basil Prawns and last but not least the Asian Flank Steak. This grand spread was accompanied by the Lemongrass Martini.

Every dish was top notch, and we must recommend having the Singapore Chilly Crab. It’s one of the best crab dishes we have ever ever had! The flavors that came cooked with the crab complimented the filling in with perfection. Skip that extra cutlery and use your hands! That way you can experience every single bit of this delicious crab. Our pick from all the drinks was the Lemon Grass Martini which was paired with our mains.

Moon – LIT LemonGrass Martini

With all the spices and flavors coming in from the food, the lemongrass martini helped us through with that added zest and cooling comfort. Just the way you want to end your meals with.

No meal is complete without the desserts and boy o boy – we were in for a treat! We were presented with some mouth watering gourmet in-house ice cream – Green Tea and Dark Chocolate (Sugar-Free) and the chocolate fondant.

The Owner of the place, Shefali showed us her magical flambe skills with a tasty Ice Cream Flambe!

The winner – The Green Tea Ice cream! This was the best ice cream I have ever tried – Paradise indeed! We couldn’t leave this beauty till the very end.


The Dark Chocolate Ice cream is a must try too! It’s 100% sugar-free, so the calories and sugar don’t lie!

The chocolate fondant had a burst of chocolate hidden inside served with vanilla ice cream.

Overall, Koi is one amazing place to be! It ticks everything that you need for a wonderful  Pan-Asian experience. The Hoggers Blog recommends!

#HoggersTip: They even serve sheesha too! Sushi + Lemongrass Martini + Sheesha = Paradise indeed.

Thankyou Shefali, Aziz, the Koi staff and my blogger friends – The Guiltless Foodies and The Gastronomical Affair for such a wonderful experience.

Bon – Appetite!

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