Why Masala Library is so highly rated?



About three years ago I first got the chance to review the mighty Masala Library. I was just taking baby steps into the world of Food blogging and this was the big break. I went and was super impressed by the experience they provided. I remember, giving it a 5 star rating (the first one given by me to a fine dine) but writing a disclaimer that such rating is only given to legends with a track record of excellent food, service and ambience over a long period of time.

Now, three years later Masala Library still dazzles in the same light, in the same glory if not more. They are still a 5/5 on all fronts.

Innovation: The floating dessert


They have introduced a new Chef’s tasting menu which focuses on providing a modern perspective to Indian food from many regions of India. Their previous menu was dominated by south indian delicacies. But here we see a more comprehensive menu which also covers quite a few north eastern delicacies.

Amouse Bouche



  1. Always opt for the Chef’s tasting menu and not the A la carte. This way you get to try a lot of stuff from this specially curated menu.
  2. You can pay 750 bucks extra for paired wine session which gives you 6 glasses of wines especially paired with the dishes.IMG_20171127_210018.jpg
  3. Book ahead atleast 3-4 days for a weekday and a week ahead for weekend. Our visit on a Monday night and the place was packed.



Top 5 Food picks from their new menu


Galouti Kebab:  The story goes like this,  the Nawab of Awadh who in his old age had trouble in chewing his food and it was practically suicidal to feed the nawab veg food. So in order to allow the nawab order his favorite lamb kababs without suffering tooth pain the Chefs then came up with the Galawati Kababs. As the story goes these Kababs were very very soft and almost melted in my mouth.

Galouti Kebab

These were a part of their old menu but now its presented in a different style. It now comes as a noodle paste accompanied with a soft and airy bread it is a perfect complement between sweet and spicy.


Naga Pork: Never have I ever tried the Naga Cuisine and if the rest is like this then it must be totally worth a visit to Nagaland.


This was softest of the pork braised with black beans and bamboo shoots and a tangy masala.


Telangana pepper lamb: As the geography of India changed so did their menu. First time I saw any Andhra dish renamed as a Telangana dish.


Black dosa covering on some spicy red dry chicken cooked in authentic south indian masalas which left a tangy after taste.


Mushroom Tea: if I had an option I would have taken this and married it. Sipped it every morning after bed and would have the most wonderful days ever.


This brew literally refreshes every cell of your body. It’s not a new menu item but a really legendary one.


Ashen Kulfi: A black nutty blob of kulfi which is nigh short of being heavenly. It replaced the much loved rasmalai in the chef’s menu. But manages to hold its own ground.

Jalebi Caviar and in the back is the Ashen Kulfi


This time the service wasn’t as good as my first visit  but it was still A1. My Chair was arranged every time I got up and it was tucked back in when I attempted to sit back.They were always smiling (very important) and most importantly the menu, the dishes and their ingredients were in their veins. They were very naturally explaining the dishes, in some cases spelling out the really hard ones and in many a few cases telling us the story behind a particular dish. If anything that gets me going is the combination of food and the story behind it. It really riles up the interest in the food you eat which inadvertently multiplies your appetite.

I really applaud their knowledge of the menu.  Such kind of service is unparalleled. I have been to many good restaurants till date and the service factor is numero uno with respect to Masala Library.


To describe the Ambience, Subtle is the word. When I entered this place first saw my table it was eloquently made up with an Amazing plate on which Masala Library was inscribed in a calligraphic way and a set of three glasses shimmered in the lighting that was most apt for the occasion. The Plates and the glasses were substituted by actual eating plates. This potrayed the importance this diner places on first impression. Although the plates looked superb it would have been rather difficult to dine in them and the three glasses gave a great show but clumsy people like me would have surely toppled one over. But all was taken care of when we settled and started. Apart from that special attention was given to plating and food presentation was overflowing with creativity. Ambience completed the trioka of the perfect experience at the Masala Library.

Masala Library is an Experience. It’s a complete fine dine affair. They leave no stone unturned to ensure you enjoy every time you come here. Yes I mean it. I am sure they have managed to defy the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility somehow. I highly recommend this place to all my followers….Bon Appétit

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