The Midnight food crawl with Volkswagen

Mumbai – a city that never sleeps and a city that never stops eating for sure! According to me, the best time to explore Mumbai is in the night – where everyone just unwinds and relaxes with a good drive and good food! It’s so peaceful to experience Mumbai at this – where there is no traffic (Empty Roads is just bliss) and the cool breeze that hits you.

This time, we were very lucky to associate with Volkswagen who took us on this amazing food crawl in their luxurious and stunning cars – The Passat and the Tiguan.

Our trip started from their showroom in Dadar, where we were taken on a small tour of these two cars. We started by taking a look at the Tiguan – this macho looking SUV was a treat to watch with it’s stunning features, comfortable and cozy insides (The leg space was great too – extra brownie points for that),  the drivers seat has a mode where you can get a good massage and an amazing boot space with some special tricks up its sleeve. On the other hand, the Passat looked like a sports car in disguise with the added comfort and class of the Passat!


The squad for the night!

Now on to the food, the places that we planned were: Haji Ali Juice Centre – Bachelorrs – Persian Darbar and Ayubs.

Our first stop was at Haji Ali Juice Centre – an iconic landmark in Mumbai. The cream’s over there are fantastic! Our picks – The mango cream (in season) and the strawberry cream. The cream is loaded with a lot of pieces of Strawberry and mangoes! We really like the sitaphal cream there it sadly its off season! They even have some nice milkshakes too!

The strawberry Cream!

After that, we cruised through Bachelorr’s – where we tried the chocolate milkshake – amazing and creamily good! The pizza – they messed it up with extra cheese and too many vegetables, The sandwich – was the saving grace. Your typical roadside sandwich – Well loaded and crispy! We really recommend trying the Chilly Ice Cream  – gives you this nice chilly kick. What we do not recommend is the banana ice cream – feels really fake in terms of its flavor and texture.

While we were on our way to Persian Darbar, it was really fun looking at the starts and the sky from the car’s panoramic sun roof!

Persian Darbar is a place which is open late late night! You can even head to this restaurant at 3 in the night! That’s the best part about it – It also quite crowded too. What we like – the uber soft kebabs and the smoky butter chicken! It’s not a place I would recommend for vegetarian’s (my blog partner Neha was with me – and they did not have a good time). You can also opt for the raan and their big thaals! * drools *

The spread at Persian Darbar!

Finally, we went to Ayubs! A small yet famous joint famous for its rolls and kebabs. We were really full when we came to Ayubs – so our order wasn’t that big.  We still opted for their Chicken Seekh Roll – OH SOO GOOD! For Vegetarians – the aloo chaat is there, but that’s not something we really recommend to try! The rolls are good here and we recommend experimenting and trying them out!

We also were supposed to try Gokul Bites – but we were so full that we really did not have space for one more!

This really was a long trip – but one thing I must say that it was one comfortable ride. Kudos to the Volkswagen Passat and Tiguan! Would really like to own a car like this. Also, a big thank you to The Volkswagen team for organizing this food crawl and the amazing company of Roxanne Bamboat (@thetinytaster) and Trupti Marolia (@themumbaiglutton), Ritesh Madhok (@ritesh_Madhok) – an Auto Journalist , two fun and amazing guys from MSL – Louane and Kruttik, Gagan from the Volkswagen Team – he really had a good knowledge of cars and the amazing drivers we had around! Really friendly.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-23 at 11.28.14
The final picture!


Amrith Padmanand and Neha Shaw
THB Fam 🙂




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